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Additional support and advice on new joint guidance

Additional support and advice

If you are unsure about changes you should make to operate within the new guidance published on 1 May, BSHAA members can contact us at for additional support and confidential advice about how to remain consistent with the guidance.
Should cases come to light where the guidance is not being followed correctly, BSHAA will engage with those concerned to encourage and support compliance, and will take appropriate action as necessary, but will not comment publicly on individual cases.

BSHAA’s policy is to continue working with colleagues across the audiology profession to develop and promote relevant and timely guidance on best practice, and the guidance published on 1 May takes advantage of fresh insight from the infection control society.

The guidance provides opportunity for audiologists to make local decisions about how they can meet client needs whilst protecting the safety of all parties. The guidance is very clear that, at this time, care should always be delivered remotely if possible. Where this is not possible, the guidance sets out a clear basis on what is permissible and audiologists should make informed professional judgement about the extent to which they should practice at this time. This should always be within the boundaries set by this guidance and their own scope of practice.

Remember, where normal practice is adapted to take account of new restrictions and intensified hygiene, the standard operating procedures should be updated to reflect these changes. It is also good practice to record the basis on which decisions have been made.

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