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COVID-19 –BSHAA member Survey Results

Between 15 and 18 April, BSHAA surveyed our members to find out more about the impact of Covid-19. Thank you to the 347 members who completed the survey.

The survey was based on one compiled in the US by Karl Strom from The Hearing Review and was modified for use in the UK with his permission. Our survey aimed to find out the initial impact of Covid-19 on business and clinical practice, and the impact on employees, business owners and others.

Please note that the survey was carried out following the publication on 9 April of the first joint clinical guidance from AIHHP, BAA, BSA and BSHAA, so the results very much show the initial impact of the pandemic on our sector. The initial guidance has been replaced by new joint clinical guidance published on 1 May that moves the response from ‘urgent and essential care’ to audiological need. We intend to ask members to complete the survey again so that we can track the impact of the pandemic as the Government shifts its response into the second phase.

BSHAA vice president Raul Garcia-Medina led the survey project and has written a detailed report on the survey’s findings.



As a PDF 

Some of the key findings include:

  • 87% of employed BSHAA members who responded to the survey say they had been furloughed;
  • Only 20% of self-employed and company director BSHAA members had furloughed themselves;
  • BSHAA members who continued to provide services in April adapted their working practices to deliver these remotely, with an increased use of telehealth services.

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