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Customer Care Scheme 2018-19 annual report

The Customer Care Scheme has published its Annual Report for 2018/2019 which outlines the complaints received during the year, how they were handled and the outcomes.

It also includes a useful Lessons Learnt section to help members identify areas where their customer care could be improved – and potentially avoid complaints in the first place.


The key finding of the report were:

Number of complaints

45 complaints were received in the scheme year, two more than the previous year.

6 cases were received not involving BSHAA members. In these cases, the company was not prepared to pay the conciliation fee and accordingly BSHAA referred these clients to other organisations such as Trading Standards and HCPC. BSHAA feels it isn’t fair to provide help to non-members without them paying a conciliation fee, or becoming BSHAA members.

Trading Standards referred a complaint to BSHAA and as a result of BSHAA’s outcome took no further action.

For the first time the British Standards Institute recommended to a complainant that they seek BSHAA’s help.

Types of complaints

As you would expect the largest number of cases involved refunds. Of the 25 refund cases, four companies made a goodwill refund even though BSHAA did not consider there to be a case. In fourcases, BSHAA recommended a full or partial refund after a full investigation and the company accepted the recommendation.

Eleven cases did not require a full investigation and were mainly chasing for refunds or the company already accepting that a refund was due.

In six cases, BSHAA did not recommend a refund. In these cases, BSHAA write a full letter of explanation to the client of why we reached this decision. One such complainant acknowledged to BSHAA that “it was not the outcome that they had hoped for but they thanked BSHAA for taking the time to look into the case”. For this case, the company gave unsolicited feedback thanking BSHAA for their terrific support and how the scheme helps clients and their loved ones to hear the outcome from an unbiased third party.


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Customer Care Scheme 2018-19 annual report