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IQIPS Report on Pilot Projects 2011-2012

The IQIPS pilots including that for audiology were undertaken between July 2011 and March 2012. The purpose of the pilots was to test the content of the IQIPS standards, criteria, key underlying points and indicative evidence, and also to test the content of the IQIPS Self-Assessment and Improvement Tool. The pilot processes all involved the following stages:

• All pilot sites participate in a kick-off workshop

• All pilot sites complete and feedback on IQIPS SAIT

• All pilot review detailed accreditation material

• Full pilot sites complete scope of service, and collect & record evidence of compliance with standards and criteria

• Assessor pilot sites assist with mock-assessment visit of a full pilot site

• All pilot sites have an opportunity to provide detailed feedback

The pilot had input from 51 sites in total, which included a good geographical spread across England.