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New best practice guides from NHS England

NHS England has produced three best practice guides to help deliver more of the recommendations from the Action Plan on Hearing Loss.

The new publications follow 2015’s Action Plan on Hearing Loss and last year’s national commissioning framework.

What Works: Hearing Loss and Healthy Ageing

This guide is specifically aimed at commissioners and medical and social care providers working with older people with hearing loss to support them in maintaining health, wellbeing and independence.

What Works: Hearing Loss and the Transition to Adulthood

This guide has been produced in partnership by NHS England and the Department for Education and is specifically aimed at organisations that have a role in working with young people with hearing loss through the transition to adulthood to ensure they receive the right level of provision and support to achieve their ambitions and goals.

What Works: Hearing Loss and Employment

This guide has been produced in partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions and is specifically aimed at employers to help them support people with hearing loss so that they can work well and contribute their best in the workplace.

Professor Sue Hill, NHS England Chief Scientific Officer, said: “The guides provide practical examples of what we know works in tackling hearing loss across the life course. The aim is to advise organisations, commissioners and providers on how best they can ensure individuals with hearing loss receive the support they need throughout the system, so that they can lead successful, fulfilling and independent lives.

“By ensuring early intervention and more appropriate services through working with people with hearing loss in a person centred way system colleagues from government, health and social care can ensure people live well with hearing loss and the system deploys resources in the most effective way. The guides will help ensure that in these key areas the system will be able to join up more around people to support them live their lives to full whether this be in through appropriate education, support in training and employment or ensuring that they are able to maintain independence and health in older age.”

New best practice guides from NHS England