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Council Elections

BSHAA Council Elections.

We hereby give notice that the election of new Council Members will be conducted via electronic ballot closing at noon on 17th December.

We have appointed UK-Engage as an independent party to manage the election process on BSHAA’s behalf.

All members of BSHAA will receive an email from UK-Engage on 15th October, calling for nomination of eligible members willing to stand for election to Council.  Details of the nomination process will also be published on the BSHAA website and social media channels.  All nominations must be received via the UK-Engage portal by the deadline of noon on 3rd November.

The names and profiles of candidates will be published by 22nd November.  On the 1st of December, UK-Engage will email secure ballot papers to all those eligible to vote, and the ballot will close at noon on 17th December.  Successful candidates will be notified and names published before Christmas.

BSHAA will be running two separate ballots.

The first will be for the appointment of the Vice President who will take office in January 2022, becoming President to serve two years from January 2023 and serve as Past President throughout 2025.

The second will be for the election of Council Members to serve as Directors from January 2022.  The five securing the most votes will serve for 3 years, and the other successful candidates will serve for one year.  There is a total of seven vacancies, including the VP appointment.

Full details of the role and responsibilities will be included in the call for nominations, together with the names of those Council Members concluding their term of office and eligible to re-stand.

Members are advised to ensure that they have registered their current email address.

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Council Elections