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BSHAA Election Results

BSHAA Election results

Dear BSHAA members,

I’m pleased to congratulate Rob Donnan as the newly elected Vice President of BSHAA.  Rob will take up his post at the first Council meeting in January, and will spend one year as Vice President supporting Raul and preparing for his own term as President of BSHAA.  

In January 2023, he will take up the office and serve as President for two years and then from January 2025 will support his successor with one year as Past President.  

These will undoubtedly be times of significant change for the world of audiology and for BSHAA, and we look forward to his leadership.  It takes courage and commitment to offer yourself in an election process, and I thank David Foley for standing as a candidate and ensuring that there was a real choice before members.

At the same time, we say goodbye to a former President, as Andrew Coulter leaves Council.  Goodbye too to Sam Dixon and Heather Kennington.  All three have made a significant contribution to BSHAA, and all have taken on new challenges within the profession:  good for audiology as a whole, but a loss to BSHAA.  

We welcome Tasso Papadopoulos and Ken Gilliard to Council for the first time, and are pleased that both Alan Hopkirk and Rory Kewney were re-elected for another three year term of office.  Although we had more vacancies than candidates in the election, it is important to the whole of Council, and especially to our four elected Council members that they are not simply slotted into council, but are there by virtue of the support they have received from members.

The results of the election are published in the attached statement from UK-Engage, the independent company who managed the election for us.

I wish you all a happy Christmas and peaceful New Year as we anticipate another year that is likely to be both busy and turbulent for all our members.

Best wishes,

David Welbourn (CEO)