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BSHAA Membership reaches record high!

Robert Donnan, BSHAA President, has announced that BSHAA has started the year with a record number of members, with membership rising to over 1800 for the first time in its 66 year history.

BSHAA operates as both a professional body and membership organisation for Audiologists; recognised by the HCPC, it supports and represents a wide range of members across the UK.

The organisation provides a range of member benefits, and this recent growth can be attributed, in part, to the addition of Medical Malpractice Insurance as part of the membership package.  Members also benefit from Public Liability Insurance, a CPD App to record and report CPD activities, webinars, podcasts and other educational and learning resources.

The BSHAA Board comprises a dedicated group of volunteers, elected by their fellow members, who give their valuable time and professional expertise to the benefit of all members.  They are currently consulting with members to better understand what they are looking for from BSHAA and the results will help ensure BSHAA continues to deliver relevant services and support.

Robert explained…”we have been working hard to deliver tangible benefits for members and I am delighted to see membership growing.  Myself and the rest of the Board are keen to ensure BSHAA delivers relevant support for members – it might be a practical service, or representation within the industry.  We are currently working to improve our engagement and want all our members to be part of the conversation as we grow and develop further”.

BSHAA Membership reaches record high!