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BSHAA e-bulletins

An electronic BSHAA e-bulletin is sent to members by e-mail every month or so.   This medium is used to communicate both routine and urgent information to members in between the quarterly printed BSHAA News.  To read back editions, click on the links below.  If you aren’t receiving e-news, have you put your e-mail address in “Your details”?  Read why getting your email address right is important.

e-bulletin January 19th 2016

e-bulletin November 3rd 2015

e-bulletin October 2nd 2015

e-bulletin July 28th 2015

e-bulletin May 8th 2015

e-bulletin April 14th 2015

e-bulletin February 25th 2015

e-bulletin January 26th 2015

e-bulletin December 4th 2014

e-bulletin October 27th 2014

e-news July 28th 2014

e-news June 19th 2014

e-news April 9th 2014

e-news March 7th 2014

e-news February 10th 2014

e-news January 17th 2014

e-news December 19th 2013

e-news November 29th 2013

e-news September 27th 2013

e-news August 9th 2013

e-news June 18th 2013

e-news March 18th 2013

e-news February 22nd 2013

e-news February 6th 2013

e-news December 18th 2011

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