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Changes to HCPC Standards

This new version of the HCPC Standards guidance was published in January 2016 and sets out what it requires of registrants.  The standards relate how the Council expects those on the register to behave.   It is a requirement of registration that a health professional is familiar with the standards and continues to meet them.

There are 10 standards in all  which describe how the interests of clients should be promoted and protected,  how registrants should communicate appropriately and effectively, should work with the limits of their knowledge and skills and delegate appropriately.   They deal with confidentiality, risk management, the importance of reporting safety concerns and being open when things go wrong and honest at all times.  Finally the standards set out how registrants should keep their records.

You can download a PDF here.  Standards of conduct performance and ethics

The revisions to the standard make it clearer what is expected of professionals registered with HCPC, including Hearing Aid Dispensers.  They also introduce three important changes that are consistent with all the other healthcare professions and recent legislation.  Standard 8 sets out the requirement to be open and honest when things go wrong.  It also clarifies that saying sorry is important for all concerned and is not an admission of fault.   Standard 7 makes it clear that professionals have a duty to report any concerns they may have about safety so that action can be taken.  A change to standard 2 welcomes the thoughtful use of social media, as long as the content and circumstances are appropriate.

Read BSHAA’s Guidance on Professonal Practice for Hearing Aid Audiologists here

Changes to HCPC Standards