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What’s the best way to pay for hearing care across Europe

With the ageing of the European population and the prosthetic progress enabled by the latest hearing aids, we will continue to significantly increase the number of persons fitted with devices in the years to come, writes Luis, adding, “It’s good for our profession.”  However, the health insurance companies will note the continuous rise of public spendings and might consequently take unwise decisions, like they did in 2014 in France (sale authorisation of less than 20 dB PSAP’s) or in 2015 in the United Kingdom (NHS North Staffordshire covering hearing loss starting from 41 dB).

He goes on:  “We therefore need to explain our profession’s particularities and constantly seek to enhance our services’ efficiency.  For this reason, I carried out a study last spring. More specifically, a European comparison of the relations between hearing aids fitting rate, satisfaction, compliance and care model.”  You can read his study in Audiology Worldnews

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