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Tinnitus week success for Suffolk firm

“Imagine wearing a pair of headphones which are playing the sound of a whistling kettle.  Now imagine wearing those headphones all day, and all night, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Horrific as it might sound, that’s what life is like for many people who fall victim to tinnitus.”  This was the powerful image created by specialist Dr David Baguley at an event in Ipswich to celebrate Tinnitus Week.

Dr Baguley told an audience of 200 people that it was estimated that 10-15% of the population experienced tinnitus – a ringing, roaring, whooshing or chirping sound in the ears. However, while there is no cure, scientific research has proven that real tinnitus relief is possible.

The sell-out event (there was even a waiting list) was organised by former BSHAA President and long-time Council member Karen Finch who brought in Ipswich born Professor Baguley, who is Director of Audiology services at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, as part of her Company’s celebrations: “To help tinnitus sufferers gain much more knowledge about the condition”.

Dr Baguley’s presentation gave the audience a better understanding about what tinnitus is, how it affects us and where researchers are at in their quest to find a solution to the problem. He also took a question and answer session from which went on for over an hour; so much was the desire for guests to seek his professional opinion.

Karen Finch, who’s Managing Director at The Hearing Care Centre says she wasn’t at all surprised by level of interest in the event.  “We see patients’ day-in day-out who come to us about their tinnitus. They haven’t been able to seek help elsewhere and are looking for answers”, she said, adding: “By organising an event like this we allowed people time to understand the condition, the whys and wherefores and learn about small changes they can make to help manage it.”

Tinnitus week success for Suffolk firm