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Ear Foundation campaigns for hearing screening

A report which will call for adult hearing screening is to be launched at a Conference in London later this month (March 17th 2016).  The document, called “Adult Hearing Screening: can we afford to wait any  longer?” is being produced by the hearing charity, The Ear Foundation and the Charity’s Chief Executive, Sue Archbold is its co-author.

The Foundation has already published three highly successful reports at conferences on the real costs of adult hearing loss, and the conference at Central Hall, Westminster, will include presentations from leading academics and practitioners to provide an opportunity to share perspectives, to be updated on latest developments, challenge current thinking and develop and common agenda for the future.

The report to be published at the conference will combine the latest research, new research, current innovative practice on adult screening and user perspectives, with recommendations for the future.

Confirmed speakers include leading academics and practitioners including Prof Adrian Davis, Lilian Greenwood, MP, (who will give a keynote speech at BSHAA’s annual Congress in May) Stephen Lloyd, David Furness, Soren Hougaard (Secretary General of the European Hearing Aid Manufacturers Association), Chris Wood, Nicola Wright, Krishnan Randoo, Ciaran O’Neill, Brian Lamb, Jagjit Sehit  (BAA President).

In recent times The Ear Foundation has published three other reports:

Our recent reports on Adult Cochlear Implantation: Evidence & Experience, which reviewed the current evidence on the impact of deafness in adults and the new evidence of the impact of cochlear implants;  The Real Cost of Adult Hearing Loss, which presented a comprehensive assessment for the UK of the cost of hearing loss and deafness which it estimated to be over £30 billion per annum on a conservative basis and Bending the Spend which also dealt with the costs of hearing loss and how more people could access the techniology that is available.