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The dangers of pop festivals and loud music

As the summer music festival season gets underway with Glastonbury, two campaigns have been launched warning of the dangers that your hearing faces if it’s exposed to too much loud noise. The BBC has produced web information ‘How can I stop gigs and festivals ruining my hearing?’ as part of its iWonder series, and the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) has launched its Plug’em campaign.

The BTA says the BBC infoweb page fits perfectly with the BTA’s own tinnitus prevention campaign both aimed to coincide with the Glastonbury Festival which takes place from 22-26 June.

The BBC’s guide is presented by DJ, Producer and Presenter Anne Savage who is also a Plug’em Ambassador. Anne has had tinnitus for the past 10 years and is passionate about raising awareness of tinnitus and the need to protect hearing. She says: “I have to face the fact that I will never hear silence again. The thing is I could have taken simple steps and still enjoyed going to festivals and clubs and listening to music. I was stupid enough to think that wearing earplugs wasn’t cool. But tinnitus is a lot less cool than wearing earplugs!”

Meanwhile BTA Plug’em project manager Emily Broomhead, says the Association is delighted that the BBC has created its guide which reinforces the message that protecting hearing is essential. She hopes it encourages more people to be aware of their hearing and use earplugs at festivals, gigs and clubs.

You can see look at the BBC information here: and get information about sound levels, earplugs, blogs and messages from the Plug’em Ambassadors at There is also useful information about your hearing on the BSHAA website Here

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The dangers of pop festivals and loud music