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BSHAA Members hit the national airwaves

Two BSHAA members won themselves broadcast airtime on the same day this week (August 18th) but their radio audiences could not have been more different.   London based Matthew Allsop was the guest on the show ‘Steve Wright in the afternoon’ on BBC Radio 2 as part of a Health MOT Week and spoke for several minutes about ear care.   Responding to questions from the programme team, Matthew touched on the hazards of attempting to remove ear wax with a cotton bud,  tinnitus, ear conditions and the importance of seeking help from an audologist when issues arose.  In fact Matthew’s main message to his huge national audience was: Just leave your ears alone.

You can hear Matthew’s broadcast here:

Meanwhile BSHAA President Peter Sydserff was speaking to a much smaller, although national audience, on Manx Radio on the Isle of Man.  Peter was describing a new product for those with hearing loss only available on the Crown dependency.

The event, being covered by Manx Radio, was a public seminar at the Sefton Hotel in Douglas where the product, was demonstrated.   The system connects to a range of devices such as smart phones, TVs, baby monitors and home alarm systems to improve quality of life for those hard of hearing.

Hear Peter’s broadcast here

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