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BSHAA electronic vote for Council members has opened

Voting is underway for the election of four new Council members who will serve the Society for the next three years – and for the first the process is being completed online in advance of the annual general meeting.

BSHAA Chief Executive Professor David Welbourn says members have until noon on November 18th to take part and he is encouraging everyone who is entitled to vote to do so.

There are six candidates for four vacancies on the Council.

Professor Welbourn says:  “It is important that those elected know they have the backing of members, as they work on behalf of the profession, so we are strongly encouraging everyone to use all their votes.

“We have appointed the Electoral Reform Service to provide an independent and secure election process,” he adds, pointing out that anyone who has not received a personal link with their security codes to the voting site, should log on to this website for help.

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