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Plans for new tinnitus networks

In the last couple of years, regional networks of NHS tinnitus clinicians have been formed.  Whilst each of these is organised differently, they all have the aim of providing a community of practice, where skills, information and experience can be shared.  The usual pattern is to meet twice a year to share good practice and  knowledge.  The British Tinnitus Association have strongly supported these initiatives, which began in East of England with David Baguley’s guidance.

At the recent AIHHP expo David shared the possibility that there might be such a network for independent Audiologists working with people with tinnitus, and there was substantial support for this. If you would potentially like to be involved or kept informed of this initiative, then please email Dave Carr at the BTA:

The inaugural meeting is likely to be held mid March 2017, in Nottingham.  You are encouraged to let us David Baguley or David Stockdale, at the BTA, know what you would really like to have discussed in the meeting: this will shape what the group does.

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