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World Hearing Day theme debated in European Parliament

The theme of this year’s World Hearing Day – the huge economic cost of untreated hearing loss globally – was debated in the European Parliament on 1 March.

The debate covered the key facts and figures with Mark Laureyns from AEA, screening and prevention with Mel Gregory from The Ear Foundation, the importance of quality hearing care with Lidia Best from EFHOH.

Dr Shelly Chadha from the World Health Organisation – who was leading a special BSHAA webinar on World Hearing Day’s theme on 2 March – also contributed to the debate.

BSHAA has had observer status in AEA for the last two years and has been involved in contributing to the European-wide concerns about the considerable effects of unaddressed hearing problems.

The AEA has produced excellent slides covering the key points from the debate. You can have a look here – European Parliament debate- AEA Report 

There is also some AEA slides on the key facts and figures around this year’s World Health Day: AEA Facts and numbers on Hearing Loss and Hearing Care

Dozens of people at the European Parliament also had their hearing checked as part of the debate event.

Lots more information about World Hearing Day HERE

Prof David Welbourn, Chief Executive of BSHAA, said on World Hearing Day: “I’m really proud on BSHAA’s behalf to be supporting the campaign for better care and support with hearing.  I’m wearing a pair of demo hearing aids today as part of my commitment to appreciate just a small part of the experience of being a hearing aid user.”

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World Hearing Day theme debated in European Parliament