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BSHAA welcomes further work on aural care practice guidance

BSHAA Chief Executive Prof David Welbourn has welcomed the British Society of Audiology’s decision to produce a new draft of its practice guidance on aural care for consultation.

BSA closed the consultation on its first draft on 13 April to allow further contribution from practitioners employing a range of wax removal techniques.

Prof Welbourn said: “Guidance in the area of wax removal is long overdue. However, we were concerned that its significance might be lost around the way that different wax removal techniques were represented in the initial draft.

“Following constructive discussions with BSA, we were delighted that they readily agreed an appropriate way forward. By withdrawing the initial draft and paving the way for experts in other techniques to join as co-authors to prepare a new draft for release, we are confident that a new version will undoubtedly lead to a very helpful addition to the range of best practice guidance for which the BSA is highly regarded.”

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