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HCPC releases guidance on social media

The guidance explains to registrants how to use social media in a way which meets HCPC’s standards. It focuses on issues registrants and other stakeholders come across most frequently, and was informed by an online workshop and consultation.

The guidance is divided into four sections which includes top tips and using social media in line with HCPC standards.

Some of the top tips are:

  • Think before you post. Assume that what you post could be shared and read by anyone.
  • Think about who can see what you share and manage your privacy settings accordingly. Remember that privacy settings cannot guarantee that something you post will not be publicly visible.
  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries if you communicate with colleagues, service users or carers.
  • Do not post information which could identify a service user unless you have their permission.

HCPC Director of Policy and Standards Michael Guthrie said: “The vast majority of registrants who use social media already do so responsibly, in line with our standards, and without any difficulties at all. However, we know that registrants sometimes have questions or concerns about using social media because they want to make sure that they always meet our standards.

“This guidance explains what our standards mean when using social media. We have structured part of the guidance under the areas of our standards which apply to the appropriate use of social media.”

You can download the guidance at

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