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BSHAA, BSA and BAA to stage joint event in 2018

BSHAA, BSA and BAA are working together to stage a joint professional development event in February 2018.

A joint survey of members from all three organisations in the summer showed overwhelming support for a collaborative event, with many members saying that it was long overdue.

A joint event will now be held at the Hilton Hotel in Leeds on 7 February. A committee made up of representatives from BSHAA, BSA and BAA is working on the event programme, driven by the survey feedback from over 600 members from across the three organisations. Comments were diverse but there were common themes that members would like to see covered at the joint event:

  • change in healthcare landscapes, research and impact on patient pathways;

  • emerging technology and audiological tools, and best practice;

  • impacts on the professional and the future of the profession.

Sarah Vokes, BSHAA President,

said: “There is a growing appetite for greater collaboration in our profession and we’re delighted to be working with BSA and BAA on this event. It will provide an exciting opportunity for members of all three organisations to come together for the first time.”

Elizabeth Midgley, BSA Chair,

said: “The results of the joint survey showed overwhelming feedback from the members of all organisations for us to work collaboratively on a joint professional development event. The benefits of this for all members are numerous.”

Michelle Booth, BAA President,

said: “This is a historic event as the three organisations come together to stage a joint event for the first time. We are busy planning themes, format and securing speakers and our aim is to deliver an informative, participative day.”

More information about the joint event will be available soon.