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BSHAA working with BIHIMA on ‘The Future of Hearing Technology’ conference

BSHAA is working with BIHIMA (the British Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association) on its inaugural conference – The Future of Hearing Technology – which will be held on 11-12 May 2018 at Edgbaston Cricket Ground.

At the centre of the conference will be a ‘sound experience’ exhibition hosted by technology manufacturers, while BSHAA will deliver an education and workshop programme, as well as holding its annual general meeting at the event.

The member firms who comprise BIHIMA will seek to equip the audiology sector with the latest information and expertise about hearing technology at the May event.

Hearing technology is at the cutting edge of the digital technology world and increasingly central to the audiology industry. Recent research into the link between hearing loss and dementia, and the Cochrane report, has provided yet more evidence for the life-changing impact of hearing technology and hearing care and has called for policy-makers and the whole industry to prioritise access to it, as well as highlighting the need for greater knowledge and research.

BSHAA president Sarah Vokes said: “BIHIMA and its members are important partners for BSHAA, and I am delighted that we are collaborating with BIHIMA on their inaugural conference, which is designed to bring a fresh approach at this important moment for hearing care. By working together, we hope our members will benefit in new ways from the combined insight available from both the technology and the profession.

“We are working with BAA and BSA on a joint event in February next year, and collaborating with BIHIMA on their event in May is another step in our plan to work with others to improve professional development opportunities.”

BIHIMA chairman Paul Surridge added: “We’re delighted to be organising our first event and look forward to welcoming delegates in May. The technology pioneered by our members is changing at a rapid pace and shifting the way the whole of society thinks about optimising its hearing. We see this event as an opportunity to share our members’ insights and invite the sector to join the debate.

“We are also delighted to be working in collaboration with BSHAA, who will be delivering an educational speaker and workshop programme. This will also serve as a continuing professional development and networking opportunity for audiologists.”

Tickets for the BIHIMA Conference 2018 will be available to purchase soon at  

Pictured above are BSHAA president Sarah Vokes and BIHIMA chairman Paul Surridge

BSHAA working with BIHIMA on ‘The Future of Hearing Technology’ conference