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NICE guidance on hearing loss out for consultation

The National Institute for Health and Care Exellence (NICE) has published its draft guidance on the assessment and management of hearing loss in adults.

The guidance – ‘Hearing loss in adults: assessment and management’ – is now out for consultation, which closes on 12 January 2018. The final guidance is expected to be published in May next year.

BSHAA is a registered stakeholder for the consultation and will be submitting a detailed response. BSHAA members are urged to read the draft guidance and to send comments to

The draft guidance covers assessing and managing hearing loss in primary and secondary care. It offers guidance for primary care on removing earwax, and when to refer to secondary care or audiology services. It also provides recommendations for secondary care on using MRI and treating sudden sensorineural hearing loss. For audiology services, the guideline offers advice on providing hearing aids and assistive listening devices, and giving information and support to people with hearing loss. The guidance covers adults aged 18 and over who present with hearing loss, including those with onset before the age of 18 but presenting in adulthood.

We will be looking especially closely to ensure the guidance fully recognises the high quality of care available from independent audiologists.

Prof David Welbourn

BSHAA Chief Executive Prof David Welbourn said: “BSHAA welcomes this important step, which alongside recent publications will bring us ever closer to an agreed and clear understanding, supported by evidence, that hearing care must no longer be consigned to the margins of care. We need some time to scrutinise the details contained in the guidance, and will be looking especially closely to ensure that the guidance fully recognises the high quality of care available from independent audiologists. 

“BSHAA is registered as a stakeholder in the consultation process and will be responding on behalf of members. If you want to contribute to this important consultation, do let me have your input before the end of December.

“We have recently concluded consultation on a revision to our own guidance on onward referral when a client/patient’s needs lie outside an audiologist’s scope of practice.  Our guidance was fully supported by all the stakeholder groups we involved, and some groups gave a very strong welcomed. We will be launching this guidance at a webinar on 18 January.”

There is more information about the consultation on the NICE website.