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Make a commitment to your hearing on 3 March

The vital importance of hearing will be in the spotlight on 3 March for the World Health Organisation’s annual World Hearing Day.

Over 466 million people worldwide “currently live with disabling hearing loss”, the WHO states. It is predicted that by 2050 that figure will have risen to 900 million people.

BSHAA chief executive Prof David Welbourn said: “Hearing is much more than sound. It is about inclusion, engagement and belonging; about your connection to the world around you. Ignore it at your peril. If you think your hearing is not what it should be, if it’s starting to impact on your work, your leisure time, your valuable interactions with friends and family, then help is available. The latest scientific studies prove that hearing aids are cost-effective and work, supporting people to continue living fulfilled lives. Latest studies also show the link between hearing and a range of other conditions, including dementia.

“Caring for your hearing is one of the most valuable commitments that you can make to yourself. On World Hearing Day, make a commitment to your hearing. Make a commitment to your health and your connection to the world. Hearing well is an important part of living well.”

If you want to find out more about caring for your hearing, you can: