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Tony steps down from BSHAA Council

Tony Rainer has reluctantly decided to resign his position as a member of BSHAA’s Council after many years of sterling service to the Society.

Tony has been a valued member of Council since 2014. Unfortunately for BSHAA, Tony’s work commitments mean that he can’t currently commit fully to his work for Council, so he’s made the difficult decision to stand down.

BSHAA chief executive Prof David Welbourn said: “BSHAA depends on members willing to serve on Council in a voluntary capacity, bringing their own unique expertise and ensuring that Council is able to draw on all perspectives involved in the profession.

“Tony has been a loyal and active member for many years, and we shall miss his contribution. Changes in his own work circumstances have made it increasingly difficult for him to continue serving the Society as he would wish, and although we are hugely disappointed to lose him, it is a mark of his character that he recognises the risks of conflicting pressures and chooses reluctantly to step aside from Council.

“We wish Tony well and look forward to his contribution to the Society in other ways.”