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The second survey for Top 10 questions about hyperacusis is now open

BSHAA members are urged to take part in a survey on hyperacusis from the National Institute for Health Research in Nottingham.

The purpose of the project is to find out what research would make a difference to people with lived experience of hyperacusis (an increased sensitivity to sound) and healthcare professionals.

If you are a healthcare professional who works with and supports those who experience hyperacusis or you are a person who experiences hyperacusis or know or care for someone experiencing hyperacusis then you can now vote for the Top 10 questions you think are most important for research to answer.

It will take no more than 15 minutes to complete but could change the future of hyperacusis research and clinical practice in the UK. Anyone with experience of hyperacusis can complete this survey. You do not have to have taken part in any previous studies.

With the information collected, the NIHR will hold a final consensus meeting with people with hyperacusis and those who care and support those with hyperacusis (parents, carers, healthcare professionals) to agree the Top 10 priorities for research that the questions that are important to people who have Hyperacusis or care for a person with hyperacusis are answered. If you would like to register for a place at the final consensus meeting without obligation, email

For more information visit or email