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HCPC launches new fitness-to-practise policies

HCPC launched two new policies on 14 January, the Threshold Policy for Fitness to Practise Investigations and Approach to the Investigation of Health Matters policy.

The threshold policy sets out a new approach to investigating fitness-to-practise concerns and to decision-making in the early stages of its FTP investigation process. HCPC hopes this will help prioritise more serious and high-risk FTP cases.

The health matters policy sets out how HCPC will investigate concerns that a registrant’s FTP may be impaired because of their physical or mental health.

Both policies came into effect on 14 January 2019 and will apply to existing FTP cases, as well as new concerns received from that date. The policies will not apply retrospectively to any cases that have already been considered against HCPC’s previous Standard of Acceptance policy.

There is more information on the HCPC website

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