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DAVID FOLEY – 2019 Vice President election candidate




BSHAA has a strong and proud history, but we are approaching yet another crossroads.

One path leads to a reset, revitalised, BSHAA operation (possibly in co-operation with other Audiology bodies), whilst the other is a rapid decline into irrelevancy as the HCPC Register continues to grow whilst BSHAA’s ‘market share’ continues to decline.

Change is inevitable and I have supported the decision to engage with BSA and BAA and I welcome further and deeper co-operation – but they have a fundamentally different locus from BSHAA and very little understanding of our commercial interests. In any enhanced co-operation or joint ventures the BSHAA message must not become diluted nor must our interests take second place to those of others.

From within BSHAA I will work to protect the status of HADs and oppose all attempts to de-skill all or parts of our role. HADs are incredibly fortunate to have a legally protected function and I will not stand by and see it eroded nor stand for BSHAA being complicit in any such erosion.

To re-engage with members I will devolve BSHAA’s organisation into a network of regionalised sections each with a local organiser developing a range of formal or informal events which members can attend at little cost. I’ll have a BSHAA student representative in every institution which turns out Audiologists and I want one of them to serve on Council. We now have a decent number of Student members but they still have no voice.

My “manifesto” is to strongly represent the interests of the individual BSHAA member and the BSHAA “brand” whilst leading a structural re-organisation of the Society.I ask you to elect me as your Vice President, with a mandate to take this forward.


David Foley RHAD FSHAA has first and foremost been a practicing employed/independent Audiologist and Manager for almost 25 years in both “retail sides” of the profession. As such he readily understands the aspirations and concerns of grassroots BSHAA members.

Elected continuously as a Director of BSHAA since 2006, he’s held the posts of:

  • BSHAA Treasurer
  • Chair of Customer Services
  • Company Secretary

He’s served on the following sub-committees:

  • Education
  • Membership
  • Finance
  • Customer Services

His attendance record and commitment within BSHAA is second to none.

He has chaired both Committee and Full Council meetings, participated in Disciplinary Meetings, developed and delivered mentoring programmes and represented BSHAA on Scottish Government Committees and NGOs.

David has overseen and contributed to a large range of published documents with the BSHAA “library” – such as “BSHAA Guidance on Excellence in Customer Care”, the latest consumer-focused “BSHAA Guide to Better Hearing” and the recent series of Consumer guides to maintaining hearing instruments.

He considers that his background and his directly relevant experience makes him a suitable and strong candidate for the role of Vice-President.