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ELIZABETH ADESUGBA – 2019 BSHAA Council election candidate




I am an Audiologist with 13+ years of experience working in both the private and public sector. I run my own independent clinical practice and consultancy and have a keen interest in vestibular assessments and rehabilitation.

I have been privileged to benefit from a number of activities organised by this society over the years and I am prepared to dedicate my time and skills to support its continuous improvement.

Since joining the Standards Committee in February this year, I have seen how dedicated and hardworking the council members are in ensuring that Audiology as a profession continues to grow in recognition and appreciation while maintaining high levels of accountability and professionalism.

I would be honoured to join this team and I am keen to contribute with fresh ideas and forward-thinking initiatives.  I am aware that this role will be demanding but I am willing to put in the work as I am incredibly passionate about Audiology and would find it rewarding to serve in this capacity.