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ROBERT DONNAN – 2019 BSHAA Council election candidate




I wish to become a council member in order to understand better what the Society does and who it represents.

I have worked as a hearing aid dispenser for 24 years. Over the last 11, I have run an independent practice in West Yorkshire. I am interested in a more holistic fitting & rehabilitation method, in enlightening new people on how to fulfil their maximum potential in our profession, in growing the number of independent businesses in the UK and in modernising our approach.

And so, I’m interested in helping with the finance, delivery and membership committees.

I would want to help the Society connect better. To understand it’s stated mission, to focus it more on that, and then help it on how to best deliver that message. I’d hope we can create a more inclusive Society with a much broader membership.

It would be helpful if an organisation offered real day-to-day help to all audiology professionals in the UK to truly achieve the highest standards of client care.

There is just simply not enough practical help out there – and so the realities of our profession can get in the way of us doing the best possible job we can.