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JASMINE OPOKU-WARE – 2019 BSHAA Council election candidate




I have been a qualified audiologist for over 4 years working for Boots Hearingcare, alongside my role I am also an accredited clinical supervisor.

I want to stand as a council member nominee as I believe my purpose within the field is to amplify the voices of those within marginalised positions. I believe my naturally critically evaluative nature and my outstanding interpersonal and communication skills makes me an excellent suitor for the role.

These skills allow the breeding of constructive discussions where I am able to offer respectable challenge, if felt necessary. The role requires someone who is passionate about the development of society and understands the impact the society has in shaping the audiological field; I possess this drive.

There needs to be more diversity within the council, the increased appointment of council members from BAME backgrounds is essential for better understanding of the specific challenges faced within BAME communities. With this role I hope to provide this insight. For too long there has been an oversight of the acknowledgment of the differing experiences of those who work within the field who are from minority backgrounds. My aim to shine a spotlight within the industry about this matter.