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BSHAA committees for 2020

As well as the main BSHAA Council, which meets quarterly, there are a number of sub-committees responsible for delivering the the Society’s priorities and projects.

Each commitee is chaired by a Council member and has a number of Council members, as well as support from BSHAA’s paid officers. BSHAA President Andrew Coulter is a member of all committees, and attends as many as his workload permits. All BSHAA Council members are volunteers and give their time freely to support the work of our Society and the wider profession.

Get involved with a BSHAA committee

All BSHAA members can volunteer to support the work of a committee. We’re very grateful to have Sarah Rayner and Tony Gunnel supporting the standards committee again in 2020. If you’re a BSHAA member and would like to get involved with a committee’s work this year, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to

Priorities for 2020 that committees are working on include improving our website and engagement with members; a diversity and inclusion policy; developing the Society’s education offering; new guidance on regulation; and apprenticeship end-point assessments.

2020 committees


This committee develops the BSHAA membership offer, works to engage with current members and attract new ones, and lots more, including our website and communications

Chair – Robert DonnanCouncil members – Rory Kewney, Heather Kennington, Jasmine Opoku-Ware and Alan HopkirkOfficers – Kim Girling, David Welbourn and Jamie Summerfield


This committee delivers our professional development offer for members: development days, masterclasses, webinars, Congress and more.

Chair – Samantha DixonCouncil members – Heather Kennington, Elizabeth Adesugba and Jasmine Opoku-WareOfficer – Jay Jindal


This committee works to develop improved standards for the profession and produces guidance and documents to help BSHAA members navigate the ever-changing world of audiology

Chair – Raul Garcia-MedinaCouncil members – Rory Kewney, Alan Hopkirk, Paula Cook, Elizabeth Adesugba and Anna PughVolunteer committee members – Sarah Rayner and Tony GunnelOfficers – Jay Jindal, Kim Girling and David Welbourn


BSHAA’s Customer Care Scheme is managed by this committee, which also publishes guidance and advice for BSHAA members and the public, including a ‘Consumer Guide to Hearing’ and caring for hearing aids guides

Chair – David FoleyCouncil members – Paula Cook, Anna Pugh and Peter SydserffOfficers – Jill Humphreys and David Welbourn


This committee scrutinises the Society’s finances and ensures that everything is in order and running correctly

Chair – Peter SydserffCouncil members – Andrew Coulter, David Foley, Robert Donnan and Anna PughOfficers – David Welbourn and Kim Girling