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BSHAA consultation on new draft referral guidelines

BSHAA is providing advice and guidance during the coronavirus pandemic, both for practitioners and the public. You can access the latest guidance by clicking the links below.

This new draft guidance is an update of BSHAA’s current practice guidance on onward referrals, which is included in the Society’s Guidance on Professional Practice handbook.

In recent months, there has been much discussion about refreshing the guidance for audiologists in relation to the circumstances and best practice to adopt when referring a client or patient to other clinicians for a specialist opinion.

Considerable progress has been made towards a shared understanding, which will over time lead to a single view shared across the whole sector. There are still some areas to be fully resolved, generally linked to the reality that Hearing Aid Dispensers are subject to statutory regulation, authorising them to practise autonomously. This subtly alters the nature of the referral process, compared with those who are subject to different forms of clinical governance. In the absence of full agreement so far, BSHAA is issuing this document for consultation, specifically providing guidance to those clinicians authorised for such autonomous practice.

We are openly inviting representatives of interested stakeholder groups to contribute to its review, recognising that this is hopefully taking a further step towards that single view. We are delighted to commend the new draft guidance to you for your consideration and look forward to receiving your support and constructive feedback.

You can leave your comments below until the end of Friday 27 October 2017. If you can’t see the survey form, please CLICK HERE to access it.

The deadline for your comments is Friday 27 October 2017.