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Our new Podcasts

Look forward to our Podcasts in 2021.

We want to add to our strong offer of live webinars with:

  • Pre-recorded interviews and lectures to encourage a greater number of contributors
  • A series of videos on core audiology subjects
  • Short Audio Podcasts

Our Podcast Ear Talk is led by Council Member Dr Elizabeth Adesugba. Ear Talk aims to bring members all things audiology. The podcast plans to feature talks with experts on specialist topics, case history discussions, student interviews, a manufacturers corner and explore new research papers to keep members up to date with the current studies in audiology and related subjects. A member’s spotlight will also feature in the podcasts, this is for any of you who feel you have a message and would like to get your voice heard. All you need to do is get in contact with us on and we can help you get that conversation started. Ear Talk hopes to be a positive and productive addition to your day.

When CPD PORTAL app is upgraded, we can add podcasts in so everything is in one place.

Have you any subjects you’d like covered? Let us know at

Here are some of the platform links for the podcast!




Our new Podcasts