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Fellowship update

The leadership team is working tirelessly in the background to bring the constitution of BSHAA up to date. This is not as simple as it may seem as we need to anticipate every eventuality and build the foundations that allow the Society to evolve in an uncertain future. Whilst Fellowship is an important part of this, it still remains something that is resolved once the basics are concluded and not something that is at the heart of that change.

The Society will allow for and encourage learning from different sources and become the go to organisation to assemble and define how that learning is taken forward. We need to help members understand the difference between learning and true professional development and it is this difference that will ultimately define the gaps between a dedicated BSHAA member and one who chooses to extend their practice or excel in some other way. Fellowship status is not something that should be achieved once then hung onto by right; it must be revalidated.

The process to define what that will look like will not be rushed as we need to get it right. With this in mind I encourage you to maintain your FSHAA in the way that you always have done bearing in mind that we have made the important decision to recognise the value of learning from other sources; i.e. you do not need 50% of that learning to come from BSHAA.

Some will have lost Fellowship status as a result of missing the bar this time round, but the encouraging news is that their practice may look like what’s eventually required as they aspire to the profession of the future. These members will pick up Fellowship as a consequence of achieving excellence in practice, rather than collecting points.

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